Head Office Agile Working Space 

Bearhouse are an integral part of the continual move management process at Citadel and have been since 2016.

From small weekend moves to major reconfigurations taking months over weekends and nights across live trading floors

Bearhouse completely understand the trading floor environment and the need to be accurate, punctual, reliable and more importantly, technically capable of ensuring that any risk is minimized or ideally eliminated. We stay in constant touch with the entire team both in the UK and in the USA and when necessary have even gone to Chicago’s head office to discuss future works planned and desk design details.

Product is both shipped over from the USA and brought in from UK manufactured sources and brought directly into our warehouse where it’s checked and set for re-delivery based on the often intricate and hour by hour programme of works.

The Stats 




Sq ft


Desks installed

Works often start with either strip out or floor marking, precisely locating the power and data outlets rather than the usual rough positioning of grommets or floor boxes in regular furniture. These cut outs are laser measured and set out using MDF templates so the final layout is precise and perfectly aligned.