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Bearhouse are not just lift and shift operators, our origins are from Project Management and complex business moves. Whether it is one position to relocate from one side of an office to another, a complex 500 position live environment trading floor relocation or workstation refresh, Bearhouse Logistics has experience to deliver every time. 

Bearhouse have been managing complex business moves for 13 years, from moving boxes of monitor arms by small van, minor single office installations of 4 desks, to complex 500 position live trading floor relocations over phases that span 6 months to our largest project, 23 floors of the Willis Tower in London.

The list of services Bearhouse Logistics can offer is endless, but as well as logistics, business moves and furniture installation, we carry out mock up installations, including manufacture of bespoke product for end users to furniture manufacturers.  


We also deliver off site build for clients of complex desk systems where end users don't have the time to have furniture built on site, so we carry out most of the build off site and bring in complete positions for a faster handover to the IT build team.

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