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How office design affects productivity

Increasing productivity in an office is not just a matter of looking at processes, people and the organisation, it’s about engaging employees into not just needing to come into work, but wanting to come into work.

There are the obvious wellbeing incentives that many companies employ including healthcare and fruit, but the humble office environment is the cornerstone of employee retention and productivity.

Employees and Management that we have spoken to all comment that it’s the home from home environment that organisations are offering that not only ensures retention, but over a very short period of time, productivity rises.

Working hand in hand, great design and the latest ergonomic solutions offer that a welcome, inviting, friendly and collaborative environment that ensure your staff want to come into the office, and not just feel they have to. Giving staff flexibility in their working arrangements also gives rise to productivity gains, but this doesn’t work in all cases.

Open plan shouldn’t just be a management solution to decrease the office footprint in sqft, it must come with the ability for staff to disengage from the open environment and find solace in quiet areas, private phone booths and break out spaces where some quiet thinking time can be established.

Should you be planning a move, thinking about increasing productivity in your office or considering a change in office furniture or layout, Bearhouse Global is here to help.

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