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Workplace consultancy

Define, design and deliver a cost-saving strategy,

Workplace consultancy

Optimising your workplace can result in huge running cost savings and boost your business performance. Bearhouse is perfectly positioned to help your business empower your employees and consult on your space that aligns with your company values.

Bearhouse can work with you to identify the limitations and opportunities of your current workplace, build a strategy and successfully execute a plan that brings together all of the goals.

Workplace consultancy process

Drawing on years of experience and learnings, Bearhouse work to a streamlined, tried and tested workplace consultancy process proven to deliver results.

We begin by learning as much as we can about your space, interviewing staff and key stakeholders, carrying out utilisation studies and creating surveys

From there the consultation process begins. Our team of experts have a broad range from different sectors and are well-placed to suggest best practises in each area.

Creating this deep learning process, results in a strong foundation on which we develop a workplace strategy that works for your business.

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